Lock ReKeying – What Is It?


Lock rekeying is the way toward changing the lock code. The lock is dismantled and the locking pins are supplanted with new sticks and springs, at that point new keys are sliced to coordinate the new bolting pins. Now, the old keys won’t work the lock.

The purposes behind rekeying a lock are many, however, they should all rotate around security and key control. Suppose that a bank has 5 keys that open the bank entryways, when they do a review it is found that they can’t represent one key. They have two options: supplant every one of the locks that the lost key opened or rekey each one of those locks. In the event that the entryway equipment is in great condition, at that point the decision ought to be to rekey. A locksmith can carry out this responsibility at the bank and slice new keys to coordinate the rekeyed locks.

Key control is the way toward knowing where every one of your keys is and who has them. On the off chance that you can’t represent even one, at that point rekeying ought to be your first activity. Keep in mind, without Control you don’t have a safe office. Most quality locks can be rekeyed and on the off chance that the lock happens to be high security, at that point when it is rekeyed you will get another enlisted code with enrolled keys.

When Does ReKeying Bode well?

  • Keys are lost
  • The expense of rekeying is exceptionally low when contrasted with new bolts
  • The current entryway equipment is in great condition
  • Need to have new keys for your locks rapidly
  • At the point when the lock you are rekeying is viewed as high security
  • Need different locks to work with a similar key
  • Need to change over to an ace key framework

Rekeying has a preferred position in the event that you need to change the keying succession of your structure. For instance, on the off chance that you have various entryways that work with an alternate key (keyed extraordinary) and you need these ways to all open with a similar key (keyed the same). These locks can be dismantled and rekeyed so they all open with a similar key. To make this a little further you can make an ace framework. This is the point at which every one of the entryways open with various keys, yet you have one (ace) that will open every one of the entryways.

In this way, as your needs change reKeying is a choice to cheaply change the lock codes without acquiring new bolts. Rekeying likewise enables you to change your present locking framework to another framework.

George Uliano is security proficient with law requirements and security experience. He earned a Lone wolves Degree in Criminal Equity and Business graduating with distinction. George holds 3 licenses on various Latch and Cam Lock plans. This blend gives George and His Organization Locking Frameworks Global Inc the exceptional capacity to give “The Correct Lock” with The Correct Security” at the “Right Cost”.

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